Queen Bee’s & Wannabees

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“I can’t believe Amanda got a nose ring.”

“Ms.Martin gave me a ton of homework. Ugh!”

“My summer tan is already fading!”

The Pretty Committee and I chatted at our lunch table in the Octavian Country Day High School cafeteria as we ate our lunches and catched up. Alicia and I just came back from Cheer camp a couple of days ago. Of course, we tried to get revenge on Olivia but she went home sick. Just then, Olivia walked through the cafe doors to greet us with five envelopes in her manicured hand. I immediately knew she was up to no good. 

“Hey girlies! So, my b-day bash is this weekend, up in the city. Everyone who’s famous is going to be there and I’m inviting you guys, since your practically celebs. Am I right?” Olivia giggled, twirling her blonde hair in her pointer finger.

I inspected the invatation and read the back of the card. 

Olivia Ryan’s Birthday Party is this weekend!

Saturday September 14th 2013 

6:00- Midnight

Musical performances by Cheryl Lloyd, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

RSVP by September 5th 

See you there! 🙂

Alicia was just about to say “No chance in hell” until I stopped her, putting my manicured hand in her face to stop her.

“We’d love too!” I smiled, showing off my pearly white, straight teeth.

“Yay!” Olivia squealed and bounced off to give out more party invitations. The second she was gone we resumed talking.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Alicia asked, curious.

“This is the perfect time for revenge we’ve been planning. This is the moment to strike!” I squealed, in delight. 

“Woah Mass, don’t go all villain on us.” Dylan joked to us. 

We all laughed and raised our drinks (I had a water bottle, Alicia raised her smoothie, Dylan with a diet Coke, Kristen with a Dasani water and Claire with her banana shake) to having the perfect revenge plan.

“To revenge!” 



I’m back! So sorry for the long MIA status. My vacation was fabulous but now school starts for me. Wish me good luck, ladies! 🙂

I wish everyone who is starting the new school year or is about to, good luck!

New makeover up! It’s a fall makeover! Technically it’s still summer but I love the fall season so much, I couldn’t resist. 

Sorry for the short post, it was rushed. Next one will be longer and with more drama. 😉