You all have burning questions needed to be answered. You just need to know the answer to your questions and what better way for an alpha to answer them. Leave your question down by the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can. Here are some question that are like these that you can ask:


Are you Massie Block,Lisi Harrison or Elizabeth McLaughlin?

Haha, no. I am a real, young girl who just wants to blog for fun. Though Massie and I do share some traits of personalities, I am not Massie Block. She is a fictional character in which Lisi Harrison created for young girls to show them that the Queen Bee isn’t as perfect as you may see them to be.

God, you are horrible and rude! Stop it and get off WordPress! I hate you!

Yay! Look, it’s a hater! Honey, I have two things to tell you, get off the computer and stop hating. Your just wasting your time if you think your “insult” is going to hurt me.

I love your blawg Mass! May I puh-lease have a shout out?

Why of course! I love giving out shout out to girls who want more views on their blog. Just please ask nicely and I will be sure to give you one. Keep an eye out for them in my posts. If I forgot to give you one please just comment saying so.

May I please be in your pretty committee?

Check out my PC page to see if there are open spots!

Any more questions? 

Dancing in the rain | via Tumblr


6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hola Chica,
    I hawnestly love your blog! Its beautiful. I have recently started a new blog, it has only has a couple of pages but I believe I have very good writing. I love describing everything through my writing with all the senses! I have come here today to talk to you about being a part of your PC. I had started a Massie blog, and I relized that 1: There are way to many Massie blogs, and 2: Its a lot easier but still fun! I have started a Alicia blog (and that spot is open I believe.) If you have any questions please email me at lovleyleesh@gmail.com and check out my blog http://lovleyaliciablahg.wordpress.com/about/ If you don’t except me though, your feedback would be great too!
    Later Lovely, -Leesh

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