My name is Massie Lily Block, queen of Westchester and Alpha of the world. 

I have long brown hair that goes up to my ribs and amber eyes. I’m 5″4 1/2 and weigh around 110 pounds. I am sixteen years old with my birthday being July 13. I also have flawless skin and an amazing fashion sense. I’m a total fashionista, my favorite brands being Ella Moss and Marc Jacobs. I have a whole closet filled with Designer clothes and accessories plus shoes. What girl doesn’t love shoes?  

I live in the grand Block Estate in Westchester, New York with my parents, Kendra and William Block. I also live with my little, ah-dorable black pug named Bean. Bean and I are so close and she is the only one who sees my tears and aches. Besides loving Bean, I also have a love for my white stallion named Brownie. We have won 10 ribbons together and have been together since I was 4 years old. 

I rule Octavian Country Day High School, only being a Sophomore. My idol has to be Skye Hamilton, who rules too and is a Junior. We aren’t friends but we do both know we are ALPHAS. I am the Alpha of my clique, the Pretty Committee, which has 5 members in it. There’s Alicia Rivera, my spanish beta, Dylan Marvil, the superstar who is a red-head, Kristen Gregory, who is a Soccer jock and a nerd, Claire Lyons, the new girl from Orlando and Moi. We have been together since we were in 4th grade(except Kuh-laire). At first Claire and I didn’t get along but we are Best Friends now. We all get in fights but at the end of the day were sisters. 

Face claim: Alexandria Daddario 



Polyvore: thequeenmassiekur

AIM: Massie Lily Block


WeHeartIt: MLB

Other RP Blog: Dylan Marvil


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