Flash back and echos

*Flashback to August 19th 2012*

I sat on my twin sized bed, powering on my MacBook Air and plugging the charger in. It was only a couple of days left of summer vacation and I needed to find some really great hairstyles for fall. I had just finished reading this book series called The Clique. I may have been done with the books, but I was not done with obsessing over Massie Block.

I typed into google; How to be like Massie Block. A website popped up in my results. That website was http://massiekurx.wordpress.com/. From then on I obsessed over this blog. I practically memorized every page. Then the idea hit me. Why don’t I make a Massie blog? 

Then thequeenmassiekur.wordpress.com/ was born. I then obsessed over writing about Massie Block. I then met, LovelyMassieBlock. She was so nice to me and everyone, (at the time), was so nice to me. A little bit after School started, everyone somehow started to get mean and nasty to each other. Mostly girls said horrible things over AIM, which I do not regret getting an IM until April 2013. Personally, I think the group chat WordPress Alphas causes this all, which is why I barely go on there to chat. 

I somehow got into this whole “fighting trend” and some people started to lash out at me. I was so stunned at how these girls were being so rude to me. But I think I handled it nicely and fixed the whole problem. But it did hurt me. But what surprised me the most is how I shrugged it off. So I always thank those girls, because before I was on WordPress I was just too fragile. 

*End off Flashback*

This was just a little post marking the anniversary of my time on WordPress. Thank you so much for the girls who supported me on my journey! I love everyone one of my followers, so dearly! 


∞Summer tans are fading, Sunglasses are being kept away, and your ombre hair is fading. Guess what this means? School is starting for me tomorrow and I won’t be able to post as much as I can. I will post once or twice a month. Expect a post soon in September. 

∞For those who are asking for my tumblr here it is: theprimadonagirl. I changed the name. 

∞Thank you for  200 Followers! This is an amazing accomplishment! I love you all so much!

∞Sorry this post was late. I wanted it to be posted on the 19th but I was very busy at that time.



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