Cheer Equity

Oh My Lovely Body

“Remember to pack hair ties.” 

“I know!” I called back to my iMac, where Skype was currently on my desktop. On the screen Alicia was in her room going over the list of Cheer Camp essentials. I was on the wooden floor of my bedroom, my purple Cheer duffel was in front of me and piles of clothes, pony tails,  and cheer outfits were scattered around the room. Unlucky of me, my MacBook Air broke yesterday when I was The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. 

Alicia and I both have a passion for Cheerleading and Tumbling. Everyone in the Cheer world knows about New York Cheerleading Academy. Their the best of the best of Cheerleading. Alicia and I sent our application in early spring and it was a big surprise to us when in late June we got our acceptance letter in the mail. The camp started August 16th and ended on the 30th. Our parents were relived to hear that it ended before school started. 

For the next hour Alicia and I continued to pack our items for camp. By the end of it, we checked everything off our list. The only thing to do now is wait for Friday to come. The Gym is located in the city so it would take only 45 minutes to get there.

too young to caree .

“Welcome to New York Cheer!”

The receptionist at the front desk cheered to us, in a nice tone. Alicia, Kendra, William, and Mr. and Mrs. Rivera walked into the gym. The receptionist’s at the desk were behind the wooden tables as they helped other campers into their dorm while Staff carried their luggage and belongs to their room. Through the glass windows, behind the receptionist’s tables, you could see the gym. It had a huge floor that covered most of the room, while their were conditioning equipment scattered across the gym. 

We said our goodbyes to our parents and a staff member gave directions to our room. They’re a total of 100 campers so we would be rooming with three other girls. I opened our door to see two bunk beds and an extra bed, right next to the bathroom. I wrinkled my nose in  pity for the person who would be sleeping their. I threw my denim Marc Jacob’s jacket on the top bunk and rolled my suitcase next to the ladder connecting to my bed as Alicia put her dark navy Ralph Lauren backpack on the bottom bunk. 

While I was putting my clothes into our closet, someone knocked on the door. I put down my Adidas gym shorts as I opened the door to see Olivia Ryan, my enemy. 


♡Bonjour! Sorry to disappoint you but I’m currently on vacation and I will be very MIA. I’ll be posting another post after this concluding the Olivia Ryan run-in and then school will start for them. That means that their will be no Back-to-School post. I will not be on AIM so the best way to contact me is to e-mail or ask someone close to me to pass the message along to me. Sorry guys! Hope you have a great rest of your summer! 

Not all who wander are lost.


5 thoughts on “Cheer Equity

  1. Massie,
    Great post!
    Cheer camp at NYCheer sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun. I loved cheer camp when I was a cheerleader!
    Hopefully Olivia won’t start any trouble with you and Alicia!


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