Summer days, drifting away

Bonjour Fans Of Massie,

“What are you going to do about Alicia?” Kristen asked, through my Iphone 5. 

“I have no idea.” I answered, biting my bottom lip. 

I rolled over to the right side of my bed and faced the ceiling. My door to my bedroom was open, and the breeze from the Hawaii beach went into my room. I was on a call to Kristen, who was in Westchester doing extra summer homework and trying to help me through my problems. Dylan was in Italy and Claire was in Florida having a great vacation so I didn’t want to interrupt them. I knew Kristen was happy that I interrupted her Agelbra homework. 

“Maybe you should try calling her,” Kristen started. “She might forgive you.”

I snorted. “No way! First, she would think it was a joke and Second, I hate apologizing.”

“She’s your best friend Mass, just say sorry.” Kristen pushed.

“I have other best friends! You, Dylan and Claire are my best friends! Besides, she betrayed me. Giving secrets to Nina about me? I don’t think that was BFF bonding.” I stated. 

“Nina forced her to do it. She said she would expose her.” Kristen reminded me.

“Whatever, It doesn’t matter! I’m getting so stressed from Alicia. I need to remind Inez to book me a massage.” I said, massaging my head.

Kristen noticed my tension and angry voice as, like a good friend, agreed with me. One of the things I loved about Kristen was how she understood me, and didn’t think I was just some B!tch. I always think it’s very important to appreciate your friends. They’re always there for you, the least you could do is thank them.

“Kris, thanks so much for putting up with my stress and bitchiness.” I smiled, genuinely meaning it. 

“What are friends for?” Kristen said. I could tell she was beaming. 

Someone knocked two times on the door. I looked up from my phone to see who it was but then I remembered the door was closed. “Got to go Kris.”

I ended the call and opened the door to see Alicia, standing in the door way. 

“Hello Mass.” Alicia said. 


– I’ve changed my FC to Elizabeth McLaughlin and releasing my claim on Alexandra Chando to XoXoAliciaHeartsYou. I believe she is going to be using her.

Shout out to and for helping me out with this post! 

-I’m currently in contest and have just passed Round 1, wish me luck!

-Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

-Anyone who comments on this post gets a shoutout. Remember to post your link in your comment. 🙂

-I’m going to have a few new pages up, so be on a look-out for those.



24 thoughts on “Summer days, drifting away

  1. Hey girlie!

    I can’t believe Alicia would do that. Although, I do believe Nina would blackmail anybody. I’m glad Kristen has been so supportive through this tough time. You and Kristen are ah-dorable besties. Have an ah-mazing summer! I’ll be joining you in Hawaii in 2 weeks! 🙂

    Dance Forever, Skye Hamilton

  2. Hmm, Alicia sounds like she’s up to no good!
    BTW, new post up! New blawg makeover! Please check them out 🙂
    Sassy and classy,

  3. Hey Mass,
    I’d love to see your page “Girl Behind the BLog” but it’s password protected. Can you tell me the password?
    Sassy and classy,

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