Sweet Sixteen

because every night, is a masquerade.

Saturday July 13th 2013

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Claire Lyons cheered, hugging me, the birthday girl. Currently today my 16th birthday and  Dylan, Kristen and Claire were all at my Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash.

Since I was spending her summer in Hawaii, I decided to have it at the Country Club in Honolulu. I booked a private room for me and invited all the surfer boys I met at the beach, James, the girls from the mall and, of course, the Pretty Committee. Everyone was here except Alicia and her slutty cousin Nina. Alicia had been forced to have Nina come with her to Hawaii. Obviously she wasn’t welcomed back in Spain.

Just then Alicia and Nina came walking in the door. Of course Nina was in a black, leather, too-tight dress and silver stilettos. Her dark, exotic black hair was slicked back into a ponytail and she had gold hoop earings in. Alicia started walking my way while Nina went over to the DJ. I knew something was up with her, but I decided it was a waste of my time.

For an hour I danced with the PC and James, talked to the boys about surfing tips and the girls about the amazing sales going on at Barney’s. I was having a blast and Nina didn’t cross my mind. Everything was perfect.

Miami 2 Ibiza ♕

“Can I have everyone’s attention?”

Nina snatched the microphone out of Cheryl Lloyd’s hand and scoffed at her. ” I would just like to say to Massie that you should keep a tighter leash on your boyfriend, as I recall kissing me makes him a cheater.” Nina smirked and walked off stage and dumped her Diet Coke on me. Slowly the drink dripped down my face as everyone stood in shock.

Tears threatened to spill. My eyes burned as I tried to hold my tears back but I couldn’t help but let a tear out. And then another. I ran as fast as my Prada maroons high heels could take me. I heard James yelling my name but I didn’t look back. I texted Isaac to come pick me up, as I waited outside in the warm weather.  Dylan and Claire approached me with worry in their eyes.

“Alicia and Kristen are finding Nina to go kick her tan, trashy butt home to Spain.” Claire reported, hugging me.

I sniffled and hugged back. “Thanks, C.”

“We love you to the moon and back, Mass.” Dylan said, giving Claire and I a bear hug. Claire and I giggled at the discomfort of Dylan’s hug.

“Don’t worry girls. I’m already thinking of a revenge plan for her. She won’t be leaving for Spain anytime soon. I’m not done with her yet.” I announced.

Alicia and Kristen came up to our group hug panting. They both looked tired and wanted to just fall asleep on their beds in my Beach house guest bedrooms. I will be forever grateful for ah-mazing friends.

“We just missed Nina. She ran off in a cab. She’s probably going back to her hotel where her sisters, Isobel and Celia, are staying.” Alicia announced.

“Alicia, give me the name of the hotel ay-sap!” I declared. “Tomorrow we’ll brainstorm in the garden for revenge ideas. But for now, I need a shower and my beauty sleep.”

Stay Cool

Sunday July 14th 2013

“Ugh, the stain from the Coke still hasn’t come off my dress.” I said, pitying my dress which was hanging up on a hanger in my walk in closet.

The Pretty Committee were outside by the pool tanning. My purple pen was in my right hand scribbling down ideas for my revenge for Nina. Ever since she dumped that Diet Coke on me at my Birthday party I’ve been thinking of a way to get back at her.

” How did she even get an invite to the party?” I wondered, braiding my hair.

“Someone would have had to made her an invite.” said Claire.

“We made the invites.” Kristen stated, looking nervously.

“So obviously one of us had to know she was coming and have invited her.” Dylan said, slurping on her strawberry smoothie.

Alicia then bursted into tears and started confessing how sorry she was. Nina made her invite her so she could ruin Massie’s relationship with James. Then Nina threatened her, saying that if she didn’t make one extra invite for a certain somebody that Alicia would be publicly humiliated.

I took a deep breath as I looked at Alicia. Her face was stained of tears and her mascara was smeared. Everyone was so quiet, nobody knew what to do.

“Out.” I declared.

“Wha-?” Alicia whimpered.

“I said, Out! You betrayed me Alicia! Your out of The Pretty Committee! Go!” I barked at her. Everyone remained still, afraid of what might happen if they said anything or did anything. Alicia gathered her stuff as my anger builded up inside me. She started walking out of the pool area but before she had the chance to get off my property, I pushed her into the pool.

“What the heck Massie?” Alicia screamed, getting out of the pool, soaking wet.

“You deserved that Alicia. Now go.” I said, calm.

Alicia glared at me and stomped off. There. I wasn’t associated with anymore betrayers.


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21 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. You put together an ah-mazing party and I’m so sorry Nina ruined it! I know you’ll come up with a great plan of how to get revenge. I hope Alicia can come back into the PC eventually but she shouldn’t have betrayed you like that. Great post 🙂

    -Xoxo, Becca

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