She’s just a girl, but she’s on fire

Wild Spirit ∞ | via Tumblr

The Winner of A Sip Of Summer is…

Congratulations dear! Your prizes are:

The Winner will receive 10 shout outs,

A picture saying she Won my contest,

an Interview, with my Kristen interviewing you

An extra choice!

as MissKrissSexySportsBabe as the runner-up in my contest, here are her prizes:

The Runner up will receive 6 shout outs,

A picture saying she is the Runner up in my Summer Contest

An extra choice!

I’ve looked over the results of the contest and it was very close between XOXOAHY and MKSSB, but by one point Alicia won. You were a great competitor Kristen! E mail me ladies for more details about your prizes at

So that means my Summer contest has now ended and I will continue my regular posting schedule. I’ve decided I will try to post every Sunday. So Sorry if I don’t post then.

Another things I would like to say is if you can vote for me in the WordPress Awards on MassieBlockLove’s blog. My goal is not to win Best Massie, but Best Face claim. I love my face claim and I would love to win. So go vote! 🙂

Yours Truly,

Massie B.



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