If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned

I walked down the halls of OCDHS on Monday morning, holding my precious mint Prada leather  handbag and clutching my white Iphone 5 in my right hand. Alicia, Kristen, Claire and Dylan were right beside me wearing perfect outfits. I knew from Saturday today was going to be a big day and the whole PC needed to be on their A-game.

Just as I was going to Homeroom with the PC, Serena turns from the corner wearing Seven denim shorts and a blue Juicy Couture halter top. Her long blonde hair was in waves and she had a perfect cat eye eyeliner on. Four mysterious girls were behind her making a smirk saying “Watch out,bitch!”

“Oh look, it’s Massie.” Serena smirked, her manicured nails twirling a strand of golden blonde hair. 

“Hello Selena.” I said, purposely saying her name wrong to get a little bit of fear in her. 

“Suh-rena.” She said calmly. “Anyways I just wanted to say I’m inviting you girls to my Welcome to Westchester party this Saturday. It’s only for A-listers, so don’t bring your B-list beaus. Ciao!” She then walked away, her four minions scurrying toward Serena to catch up with her.

“We are so not going,” Kristen stated. “Right, Massie?”

“Kris, are you insane? Were are going there! Obviously she has a plan of attack but this is our chance to take her down.” I declared. 

“Yay!” Alicia cheered at the sound of revenge.

“Everybody, this Friday night sleepover we will come up with a plan to take down Serena and her crew. Bring a notepad too for the plan.” I said, smiling at the sound of knowing that this Saturday at Serena’s party, the PC were going to take her down. And I couldn’t be happier than hearing that.


Saturday night TPC entered in Serena’s B-list house wearing fabulous outfits, all picked out by moi. Below is my outfit that I wore:


“Ah-tention!!!” Serena screamed into the microphone. Instantly everyone stopped talking and turned their heads to face her.

“Hi and welcome to my amazing Welcome to Westchester party. I’ve been welcomed into this nice town and I’m so thankful for that. Bless you all!”

The crowd clapped as the Pretty Committee and I exchanged an eye roll. How pathetic could Serena get?! I saw in the corner of my eye Serena and her little insufferable clique follow behind with smirks on their faces.

“Massie, how awful of you to come to my party!” Serena faked cheered, carrying a glass of cold lemonade in her hand.

“Watch out S, what goes around comes around right back to you in the back.” I smiled and turned back to not face her when I felt ice cold Lemonade down my back. Everyone erupted with laughter as I watched everyone point and laugh at me. I was being humiliated by my enemy and worse of all I was being humiliated, my worst fear.

A tear drop went down my check as I ran as fast as my white Heels would carry me. More tears came and I just couldn’t stop them. I opened the Johnson’s bathroom door and locked myself in there so I could cry all night and just be left alone. For about thirty minutes I had already used all the tissues that were in there and cried non-stop until I heard a soft knock on the door.

“What do you want?” I yelled, annoyed someone was hearing me cry and hearing my soft side. 

“It’s me!” A chipmunk voice said. 

“Kuh-laire?” I wondered out loud, opening the door to face Claire there with a big smile, tissues and my Dior makeup bag. I instantly bear-hugged her as Claire giggled with discomfort. This was another reason of why I ah-dore Claire. 

“Here Mass.” Claire said, patting my wet, tear-stained checks with a tissue. She then started re-doing my makeup, fixing my hair and picking up the snotty tissues from the floor. An hour later I stared into the mirror. I couldn’t even tell if I was crying before. 

“Claire your a genius!” I squealed and hugged her once again.

She giggled and said, ” Come on, lets go have some fun!”

For the rest of the night I danced with the PC and later James came by unexpectedly! I was so excited to see them there and I had a blast. It might not how I picture tonight but it was pretty ah-mazing.

As my curfew is ten o’clock I started walking over by the stairs to gather my purse and belongings when I saw Serena walk up behind me.

“Massie darling, save yourself while you can and get out of Westchester. Go to Hawaii or someplace far from here. No one needs you here, they all know a new Queen Bee is here and, well, your just yesterday’s news.” Serena smiled, obviously impressed for herself for actually having the guts to speak with me.

“Like I said before, watch your back.” I stated, crossing my arms over my chest. “If you play with fire, your going to get burned.”

“We will see about that!” Serena said, and stomped off to join her little clique.

I pitied Serena, as she had no idea what I was capable of. 

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 8.23.39 PM


-I have a full PC now! I just got a new Claire!  Go check out her blog!

-Ahh it’s almost summer break!

– Details on A Sip of Summer contest will be in my next post! I so far have seven participants and I just need one more person to enter!

-New makeover soon!


3 thoughts on “If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned

  1. TQMK,
    I cannot believe Serena would do that! I pity her too, she definitely deserves revenge.
    I’m sure you and the PC will have something up your sleeves in no time. 😉
    Congrats on getting a Claire!


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