Catfight on the Catwalk

I picked up Essie’s sheer Angle Food nail polish as Alicia braided her long dark raven hair into a Pocahontas braid. Next to her Dylan looked through the latest Teen Vogue with a hawt Justin Bieber on it and Kristen who was studying like crazy for her AP Math test. And then Claire who was stuffing her face with gummy bears as she did her Math homework.It was nice just to relax and have some quiet time on our special friday sleepover. 

My Iphone 5 then started to buzz, indicating I was getting a call. I looked at the screen I read CALLER ID: Daisy Houston. Daisy is Kendra’s long time friend from college or something who is in the fashion business. The girls looked at the phone wondering who would call me at eight o’clock on a friday night.

I finally picked up the crystalized Iphone and answered the call. “Hullo?” 

“Massie! Sweet,young,fresh Massie!” Daisy answered. 

“Um..Daisy get to the point. I don’t have all night.” I answered, placing my right hand on my hip and cocking my head to the left. The girls crowded around me,obviously wanting to know what was happening.

“Five models dropped out of the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show this weekend in NYC due to the flu and I need you and four of your gorgeous friends to come and walk the runway with Marc and his fabulous clothes!” Daisy said.

“One sec.” I answered. I covered the phone as I screamed and told the great news to the Pretty Committee. They started jumping up and down on my bed as Bean excitedly came into the room and started barking at the girls. 

“If you don’t shut up I’m trading all of your Iphone 5’s for 4’s!” I yelled. They instantly quieted down as I picked up the phone again.

“That would be fantastic Daisy!” I said, trying to be calm.

Daisy told me all the news that a limo would pick us up around eleven o’clock and no eating on the day of the show,which was on Saturday. 

“Wait what about my parents?” I asked, nervous that Kendra and William would say no.

“I already talked to them and they said yes.” Daisy answered.

I silently thanked my parents as Daisy hanged up.

I placed down my phone and got on the bed where I told all the girls about the fashion show and we were going to walk in Marc Jacobs clothes. We all screamed and flopped down on my purple silk sheets laughing our butt’s off.

“If I’m modeling tomorrow I need to stop eating these Potato Chips.” Dylan said, pushing the red bowl of chips away from her.

The girls all nodded in agreement. I took a deep breath wondering how I would spread this around OCD. Maybe a Instagram picture of me with Marc and the girls in his clothes or a twitter update?

As the girls called their parents for permission I texted James telling him the great news as he replied about how that was amazing opportunity. I smiled texting him good night and plugged in my Iphone into the charger and walked over to the Massie-quin where I needed to pick out my Model worthy outfit for tomorrow. The fashion show is big and I need to look fabulous. If an Alpha get’s an invite to a MJ fashion show she needs to look fabulous.


Around eleven o’clock the PC piled out of the yellow taxi cab in New York City wearing fab outfits for our busy model day. Even though the show wasn’t until nine o’clock they still wanted us for Hair,Makeup,Practice,etc. 

“I heard Barbara Palvin is going to walk in the runway here tonight.” Alicia announced, closing her Us Weekly magazine and stuffing it in her Ralph Lauren soft carmel tote bag. 

“I also heard from my mom maybe Cara will be on the runway.” Dylan said, “If she is, I’m so inviting her to my birthday bash in May.”

“If Barbara and Cara are there then they are signing my phone.” Kristen stated, getting her hot pink Iphone 5 out of her Juicy Couture velour light pink purse. 

Claire nodded her head in agreement. 

“Lets go girls!” I smiled, then linking arms with Alicia, Alicia linking her left arm with Dylan, Dylan linking with Kristen and Kristen linking hands with Claire. We walked together across the busy city streets as we walked toward our Model dreams.

The Pretty Committee and I walked inside the building that hosts the fashion show at nine o’clock on the sunny Saturday. I shivered at the chilly temperature inside, putting on my knit Nordstrom sweater I got as a present from Christmas. A lady who had dirty blonde air and big almond eyes holding a brown clipboard approached us. 

”Are you the five models Daisy requested?” the lady asked.

“Um and you are?” I said, narrowing my eyes at her slouchy brown Marc Jacobs cardigan.

“Melissa Gordon. Head of Marc Jacobs and in charge of this fashion show tonight. Now, get in hair!” Melissa urged.

I rolled my amber eyes as we all walked toward the door with the sign MJ: HAIR on it. Kristen pushed the door open to see fifteen gorgeous models getting their luxurious hair done by the finest hair stylists. I took a seat in the black directors chair as the rest of the Pretty Committee scrambled to find seats next to me. A man who looked about twenty with a goatee came up to me. I felt a little bad Jakkob wasn’t doing my hair and I made a mental note to buy him a Marc Jacobs button down shirt.

“You must be Mahsiee. I’m Ryle” Ryle said, running his large fingers through my brown hair.

I nodded. “Nice to meet you.” I said.

For the next four hours Ryle did just my hair. Around twelve we had a sandwich and then we went straight back to Makeup and Clothes. Before the show I had the chance to goof off with Barbara and Cara with the PC and take pictures with them. I even got the chance to take a picture with Marc. Everyone was really nice except for Serena Johnson. She had to be the most prettiest girl I’d ever saw but the meanest person I ever knew. Serena had long honey blonde hair and almond eyes that melted your heart but If she said a sentence to you she would most look like the devil. 

Around 8:30 we started to get ready for the show as Barbara and I said good luck to each other and at nine o’clock Dylan started walking down the runway looking amazing. I knew she wanted to be gorgeous because her boyfriend Jeremy was in the crowd watching her. At the end everyone clapped as Cara was the finale and walked the runway in a stunning Fall 2013 Marc Jacobs emerald dress.

Once Cara returned from her walk we all hugged together and clapped, knowing we did an amazing job for Marc Jacobs. Maybe I have more of a career in Modeling than I thought I did? We all went to gather are stuff and change out of our outfits as Serena approached me. 

“Do you go to OCDHS?” Serena asked, pulling her long blonde hair into a cheerleader ponytail.

“Yes. Why?” I asked,taking off a gold studded bracelet of Marc’s.

“Oh well my first day is this Monday and I just wondered if you went there.” Serena smirked, “And I look forward to knocking your crown off your head.” She then walked away carrying all of her belongings.

“Ehmagawd.” I whispered to myself, trying not to panic.

Alicia,Kristen,Claire and Dylan all walked up to me, just realizing what happened. 

“Leesh, Kris, Kuh-laire, Dyl you’re coming over to my house right now. It’s time to make a plan.”


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♥The Queen,♥

♥Massie Block♥


10 thoughts on “Catfight on the Catwalk

  1. Massie,
    Wow that was such an amaze opportunity you and the PC got to have! So jelly! And I can’t wait to hear about your plans towards Serena, sounds like something might go down pretty soon between the two of you

  2. TQMK,
    What an ah-mazing opportunity! Modeling for Marc Jacobs with the PC must have been wonderful.
    I’m sure you all did great, and that you definitely will be even more famous. 😉
    Serena sounds ah-noyying and I’m sure she’ll never defeat you.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  3. TQMK,
    Lovely post (:
    I bet modeling was really fun!
    Serena needs to step away, ay-sap. She really thinks she can defeat you? Only in her dreams!
    PS. New post, check it out? 🙂

  4. TQMK,
    Wow modeling for Marc Jacobs sounded so fun! I can’t wait to see what happens between the PC and Serena! Of course there’s only one alpha and that’s you!

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