Macaroons & Ah-mazing Boyfriends

Currently I lie here in my bed filled with snot-covered tissues. I bite into a macaroon as the radio is playing a Taylor Swift breakup song which makes me want to put my head down on my lavender pillow, take a deep breath and fall to asleep. Kendra left my room five minutes ago to get a thermometer to check my temperature, for I’m sick. 

Everything hurts in my body. I have a cold( I don’t know why I have a cold in the spring) and throat itches terribly. Normally if I have a cold I still go to school. An alpha never leaves her Clique hanging. It’s just obvious girl code but I texted them in the morning saying how I couldn’t make it.

Massie: sorry girls! can’t make it 2 school! throat iz on fire and i have a cold 😦

Dylan: totes understand mass! feel better!

Claire: 😦 i will come over the minute i get home

Alicia: Aww! Get well soon!

Kristen: Get some sleep massie so u feel better!

I smiled at their supporting texts. I hope Alicia can handle herself being alpha for the PC today. 

I texted James before school too saying how I couldn’t make it. He texted back saying he wished I would feel a lot better soon. I hope so too. Around nine o’clock AM I opened the door to find a delivery man from Délicieux Macaroons was carrying a brown box of Macaroons. I read the tag of the door:

Dear Massie,

Hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see your beautiful face again!

Love James 

I smiled to myself knowing that James is a perfect boyfriend and he was ah-mazing. I thanked the delivery man and ran upstairs to eat all the macaroons and fall asleep in them. Heaven! I rolled into  bed and now here I am getting very tired.

My eyelids start to close as I click the blue button “Publish” and close my MacBookAir and set it down on my dresser. I completely shut my eyes and fall asleep.


Not my best post but with some Writers Block still left in me but I managed. Next post will be longer, girls! Also, I’m so sorry if anyone knew someone who was in the Boston Bombing.People who do things like this are sick.


12 thoughts on “Macaroons & Ah-mazing Boyfriends

  1. Hi TQMK,
    Ah-mazing post, your blog makeover’s cute too.
    Awh, James is such a sweet boyfriend!
    Giving someone macaroons on a sick day would be the best presents any classy girl could get. 😉
    Can’t wait for more.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  2. Dear TQMK,

    Great post! Your makeover’s ah-dorable! James is so cute and you two are perfect together! It’s so sweet that he gave you macaroons! I hope you feel better, Mass! I can’t wait for your next post!

    Dance Forever, Skye

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