Breakfast in London(Spring Break Part 2)

Ladies, prepare for a LONG post…


I sat down at the dining table around as I took a bite out of the toast that sat on my clear plate. I gobbled down the buttery toast as fast as I could without looking like an oaf. I had important things to do that could not wait. I took a large gulp of milk and popped a strawberry in my mouth, then grabbed my tan Chanel purse and was out the door.

I walked to Aunt Helene’s dark blue BMW car which was actually tiny but cute. Ian, their personal driver, opened the door for me and I sat down on the comfy,buttery soft leather seats. I inhaled through my nose, smelling the car which smelled like roses and Miss Dior. Or maybe that’s just me. 

I tried and avoided Cece and it worked. I guess she really didn’t want to see me either. She changed for the worse since I last met her. And she desperately needs IAM (Imediate Alpha Makeover). I put for my calendar for tomorrow to do that for Cece. 

Ian pulled up to Burke’s Coffee place which was an up-scale coffee-house,which was actually near James house so I didn’t at all expect him to be late. I walked in the cute little coffee shop and sat down on the black leather seats. I looked into the compact mirror from my Chanel bag and examined myself. Cat eyeliner? Check! Pink gloss? Check! Eyebrows plucked to perfection? Check!

“Never get tired of looking at yourself,huh?” James laughed,as he sat down at the remaining seat.

I blushed. “Well, to be honest no.” 

“Sorry I was late. My mum needed help with something at the house.” James said, apologetic. 

“It’s fine” I winked at him, hoping he would get the message that I was flirting with him.

He chuckled. ” So what have you been up to in America, Massie? I want to know all about it!” James asked.

I told him all about OCDHS and how my exams were a pain in my butt, but I muscled through and also about me passing my driver’s license. He then told me everything was going great for him, that he won Regionals for Soccer and was getting all A’s in high school. We kept talking and I knew he wanted to get back together with me as much as I wanted to get back together with him. 

“So, I hope you don’t mind but I invited someone here to meet you!” James said, his chocolate-brown eyes filled with life in them. “That’s great!” I said, I would love to meet any of James friends but I prayed to GAWD that it wasn’t an obsessed british soccer player.

“Her name is Imogen and she’s really nice.” James smiled so brightly,as my heart sank to the ground. 

Third wheel

Imogen walked over to our table and it was like everything was in slow motion. Her blonde hair bounced up and down,her long legs taking her petty little time to walk over here like a princess.

“James! Lovely!” Imogen said, flipping her long hair over her shoulder.

“Hi!” James said to her and they hugged. I winced.

“This is Imogen, my dear old friend from kindergarten.” James introduced me. Imogen smiled warmly at me.

“Great!” I said sacarsticly. They beamed at me. James and Imogen ahb-viously did not get sarcasm. 

They chatted and chatted like I was not there and talked about U.K. and soccer. Apparently, she won Regionals too for Soccer for the Women. A power couple. Great. I tried getting involved in the conversation but they just cut me off. I then decided to just leave. It’s not like they would ever notice me gone. James and Imogen could go kiss under basil or whatever. I wasn’t going to be a third wheel.

Let me forget…

Around three o’clock I got back to the Mansion and just flopped on the bed feeling, well, pathetic! I know I should have fought badly but I couldn’t against a 5″8(I’m 5″4, let me see standing up to her) blonde who laughed like an angel.

I pulled out my Macbook Air and Skyped Alicia. She was currently visiting Spain and was having,ugh, a blast! Kristen posted pictures of her in the Hampton’s on Instagram laughing at the beach and Dylan was in California visiting her dad. It seemed like everyone’s was having fun except me. Even Claire was having more fun then me in Orlando with her Florida friends. For the rest of the afternoon I self-pitied myself, ate macaroon’s Mom and Dad sent me from Paris and watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars( No spoilers!). 

Around 4:30 my phone rang to Kiss You by One Direction which was James ringtone (Mental note: change that ASAP!). I counted for six seconds and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Mass! Why did you ditch us?” James asked.

“Uh..Bean is sick.” I lied. 

“Oh no! Well, Imogen and I send our best.” James said to me very concerned. He always loved Bean.

I gritted my teeth. “I bet you do.” 

“What does that mean?” James asked. I pictured his light brown eyebrows burrowing together trying to figure out what I said to him.

I then told him everything, that I came to London to see him and get back together with him. That I missed him but obviously he had other feelings for someone, cough, Imogen, cough. I fell silent as he processed this. And all he did was laugh. Laugh!

“What?” I sneered.

“It’s funny how you think I have feelings for Imogen. I don’t. She is just my dear friend. I actually do have feelings for you and I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time. Also, my parent’s surprised me earlier saying that were moving to New York.” James said.

I gasped. “No way! That’s so cool!” I cheered. I was so glad he had feelings for moi and not Imogen and that he was moving to New York. God, I hope he lives by Claire and I.

“So..were okay now?” James asked, his voice getting lower than before.

“Of course.” I smiled.

“Good.” he replied. “And the first thing that I will do when I arrive in America is ask you on a date.” James confided.

My pink glossed lips formed a smile, knowing I was going to have a great future boyfriend.

Truth comes out

I texted Cece after to dinner to come up to my room. Surprisingly, I found Cece on my bed. Her brown hair was in a french braid and she had on a The Beatles concert tee on which she paired with ripped light blue skinny jeans.

“What happened Cece?” I whispered toward her as Cece bursted with tears.

She told me all about how she didn’t get accepted into any college and Aunt Helene and Uncle Robert were getting a divorce. She also told me she got bullied by a group of girls at school who were just like her a couple of years ago. She wanted to change and be better person. She also found different clothes styles she liked and was getting into old rock and roll music. Cece she also said she failed her driving test. Cece cried in my arms as she told me everything was falling apart for her. I pulled her over to the vanity to tell her to look in the mirror and tell me what she saw.

“I see me…and someone who is falling apart.” Cece answered. I told her to get on her feet and that I would help her get into a college. We googled colleges in London and found quite a few that Cece liked and she thought she could get into. I re-braided her hair and put on makeup that I thought looked fantastic on her. Cece and I hugged it out and Cece promised me not to tell Helene and Robert. I, of course, agreed to this.

For the rest of the day we drank some coffee and wrote down her application for the colleges. Cece also helped me pack for home, which I was leaving Saturday.  She promised she write me letters and text as much as she could. Helping Cece with colleges reminded me about college and I made my third mental note for the day to search colleges on the plane back.


22 thoughts on “Breakfast in London(Spring Break Part 2)

  1. Massie,

    London seemed to be great! So happy that things went well between you and Cece. James sounds great and I can’t wait to hear more about y’all ‘s relationship. So excited for what happens next!

    Sun-Kissed Kisses,


  2. Hey TQMK,
    Lovely post.
    EMG, you and James are going to be perfect together. I’m glad that his friend wasn’t a threat, but I’m sorry to hear you feel like a third wheel between them, though. :c
    However, cheering up Cece sounds so sweet. I’m so glad she’s turning her life around.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  3. Hey Mass1
    I can’t wait to see what happens between you and James!
    I think you should look at Columbia in NYC- you have to be super smart to get in and it’s in the center of everything 😉

    Massie E. Block

  4. I think it’s great how you and Cece made up. You and James are going to be an ah-mazing couple too! :] Lovely post by the way.
    Happy blogging,
    Massie Kate Block

  5. Hello TQMK,
    Phew! I’m so glad Imogen is just a friend of James’. I hope everything works out for you and James; you two would make the perfect couple!
    Awww, Cece has been through a lot. Luckily, you were there to get her back on track. I’m sure you gave her a huuuuge confidence (and Alpha) boost! That was so sweet of you!

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