Spring Break Part 1


Welcome to Paradise

I steeped out of Daddy’s personal airplane as I welcomed London’s sun to my pale skin. It’s been a while since I tanned. I carried Bean in my left arm and carried my black Prada tote bag I got in Italy last summer. I walked over to the black Limo which Aunt Helene ordered for me. She was my favorite aunt ever. Aunt Helene always showered me with diamonds and tutu’s ever since she first met me at my 1st birthday party. My Aunt Helene Block lives in London with my uncle Robert and their daughter who is a year older than me,Cece. Cece is probably my role model and taught me everything there is to be an Alpha. I thought of her when I was younger the most prettiest person ever. She had dark brown hair that went up to her ribs and light blue eyes. Cece always loved makeup and when we were little we used to put it on each other, our mothers getting so angry but couldn’t help but laugh at the Chanel Red lipstick on my ear. 

Ian, the personal driver, opened the sleek black door to the Limo as I sat down and put Bean on the seat, which then she started lay down and rest from are 9 hour flight from Westchester. I was tired too but I couldn’t just fall asleep. I had more important things to do. I ordered Ian to turn on Taylor Swift on the radio and put up the divider. I then started to dial a number I haven’t called in a while.

“Hello?” the boy with a british accent asked.

“Hi James.” I smiled to myself. I loved hearing his voice.

“Massie?!” James asked.

“The one and only.” I answered. “Would you like to have coffee tomorrow at 3?”

“Wait,you’re in London?” He asked, getting excited.

“Yep. So…?” I said.

“Oh yeah! I would l-love to have coffee with you.” James mumbled.

I giggled. “Great! Bye James.” I said, and hung up.

I put my iPhone 5 in my bag and rolled down the window to the right of me,laid down and let the London breeze blow my hair around.


Times have changed

Around five o’clock we pulled up to Aunt Helene’s mansion. It was just like it was the last time I came here when I was three years old. I got out of the car as Ian got out my six Louis suitcases and carried them up to the door. I pushed open the oak doors and took off my orange Prada flip-flops and put them in the closet.

“Bonnie?” A familiar voice yelled across the hallway. “Bonnie, who’s there?”

A large, brunette lady came out of the kitchen to face me. “Itz just Maizy.” Bonnie, who I presumed was the maid, called back.

I gritted my teeth as how she called me “Maizy.”. 

“MASSIE! M-A-S-S-I-E.” I glared.

Aunt Helene came out from the Dining Hall and hugged me. “It’s so nice to see you. Looking so gorgeous!” 

I looked Aunt Helene in her amber eyes and just realized Helene looked like a copy of my mother who is Helene’s sister.

“You just have to see Cece. She missed you so much over these years!” Helene said guiding me toward Cece’s bedroom which was across the kitchen. 

I knocked twice on the wooden door as a voice screeched, “Come in!”.

I opened the door to see Cece but something wasn’t right.Her hair was darker, almost brunette, and a little chubbier than last time. She had a Target PJ top on and Gap sweatpants. Her nails weren’t painted and rolling stone posters were plastered on the walls.

“Massie. Ugh, your still sixteen right?” Cece asked, a bit of spit flying out of her mouth and landing on my check. I didn’t bother to brush it away.

“Yeah, I just got a new car.” I smiled, proudly showing my driver’s ID.

Cece flinched. “God, stop bragging. Get a life.Mommy and Daddy can’t pay for everything.” She then slammed the door in my face. I stood there stunned. Where was the Cece that was a beautiful,seventeen year old, Alpha?

I walked over to the guest room where I found my suitcases and laid down on the silk blankets, closed my eyes and told myself that tomorrow was a new day.


Bonjour m’ladies!

I’ve been gone for too long but I’m back girlies! I hope to have three posts up by Sunday so stay tuned 😉 Thanks for being supprotive for me everyone!

P.S.-Thanks LovelyMassieBlock for making me this cute header! 🙂

♥The Queen,♥

♥Massie Block♥


28 thoughts on “Spring Break Part 1

  1. Massie,
    London sounds fabulous! And I bet coffee w/ James went great too 🙂
    Aunt Helene sounds super nice and I hope you have a great time w/ her!
    I wonder whats wrong with CeCe..?
    Fabulous post as usual can’t wait till the next!
    Stay Classy,

  2. Massie,

    So nice that your back in London for Spring Break. I love that you are giving some time to James, can’t wait to see how it goes. Sorry about Cece. Maybe she just needs to fall from her radical cloud? Hope all goes well.

    Sun-Kissed Kisses,


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