¬†Currently I sit here on my white desk chair typing away on my MacBook Air with my white nails that are slowly chipping away. I’ve washed all my makeup off my face and used my Paula’s Choice acne cleanser to make sure I don’t find a zit in the morning. I glance at my new neon green iPhone 5C waiting for James to respond to my five text messages I sent him. I type to you of what just happened at Olivia Ryan’s Sweet Seventeen Birthday Party. (Newsflash Olivia; people usually throw Sweet Sixteen’s and then on their Seventeenth Birthday they have a sleepover and watch all of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 episodes. Duh! )


(Note: I’m OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars ūüėÄ )¬†

The Pretty Committee and I was let in by Security as we scanned the room. I saw James smiling over at me (at least I thought it was him) as I waved back at him. James and I promised to each other that we would take our masks off at midnight and kiss. It was his idea and I couldn’t help but say yes to it. It was too romantic to give up.¬†

“Let’s go gets some drinks, try not to talk to Olivia.” I commanded to the girls, “I know she’s up to something.”¬†

The PC nodded their heads in agreement and went off to get some drinks. Due to my bad luck, Olivia waltzed right over by us in her pink fluffy dress (Gucci?) and black strapped high heels.

“Hey ladies! So glad you come! I see you didn’t bring me presents.” Olivia smiled, her arms crossed.

This girl keeps getting smarter by the minute, I thought. 

“Actually,” I stepped closer to Olivia, standing in front of the Pretty Committee. “We believe in coming to the Party is enough of a¬†presents.”

Olivia grinned. “Then you shouldn’t have come at all.”¬†

“Then we can lea-” I started to say but I got cut off by Alicia.

“Oh my god! Do I see Barbara Palvin by the presents table?” Alicia gawked at the model. She pointed her finger towards her.

“Of course she’s here!” Olivia said. “It wouldn’t be my party if Barbara wasn’t here. We’re practically best friends.

I scoffed at her. Olivia was more faker then that nose of hers.

“Anywho,” Olivia said, twirling her finger around a golden blonde lock of hair. “Have fun!”

Immediately after she was gone the whole Pretty Committee (excluding me) burst into a conversation. 

“Did you see her boots? I think those cost almost a thousand dollars.”

“Where did Barbara go?”

“I loved her dress!”

“These cupcakes are delish!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. “STOP!” I commanded. They turned toward me in a horrified face.¬†

“Mass, I’m going to go see Barbara Palvin. It’s almost midnight and I really want to see what shampoo she uses.” Alicia said, and the others nodded in agreement. I looked at Claire, who was my only hope. She only ignored me, and found a sudden interest in her purse.¬†

“Fine.” I grumbled to myself as they all walked in line to find the model. I glanced at the clock. It said 11:58. I rushed over to where I saw James last as everyone chanted down to midnight. I finally found James as he beamed back at me. He looked a little different than usual but it was probably due to his white Phantom of the Opera-style mask on. The clock loudly boomed over at 12 as James pulled off his mask revealing himself to be Derrick Harrington. I couldn’t help as Derrick grabbed my neck and pulled me to his lips.¬†It was a sloppy kiss as I pulled away from him.¬†

“Derrick!” I screamed.

“I knew it! Olivia was right! You do want to get together with me!” Derrick smiled, his chocolate-brown eyes sparkling with delight.¬†

“What?!” I screamed back, very confused.

“Awh! How ah-dorable!” Olivia said over the microphone. Someone put a big, bright light over Derrick and I.¬†

“Love is blossoming!” Olivia cheered.¬†

I saw at the door James. He had his mask still on so I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was horrified. I pushed Derrick off me and I did the only thing I could think of.¬†

I ran straight to the door as I pushed myself through the crowd. Olivia was laughing at me on the microphone and people boo-ed me from the crowd. I heard people yell Cheater and Bitch to me. I couldn’t take it.¬†